The Hail Lot

17.6.19 Well, that was a Monday and a half! Week ago the Monday started pleasantly enough with sunshine and light breeze. A friend visited and we had lunch on the terrace, it was lovely, just warm enough. Then the breeze got up and we came in. Is that rain? Yes, let’s put the cover back […]

Attached to my Retinas

  New Year’s Eve 2018, 5.45pm Some thoughts occurring while waiting  for the time to get dressed in the finery. Skimpies really, which is why I’m putting it off in case I catch a cold while waiting for cousin Pam to pick me up at 6.45pm. One aspect still remains to be seen – will the […]

Classified Adverts

We have had a proper summer this year. I hope I’ll remember this when in November the wind is howling and the rain comes sideways. Pity we don’t have a means of storing the happiness producing warmth and light for winter. I had a holiday. No 1 daughter and family came too. We went to […]

Child Safety

Grandson (3½) is a great wee lad. He is a sponge for information and observations. He repeats new words to get them just right. I am trying to feed his imagination with sometimes abstract ideas. He is of course already very clever anyway. At home he has a room full of toys but when he […]

Faffer of the Year

Feb ’17 Here we are, another year gone. Last year I got a Faffer of the Year award. I have become an expert in procrastination. Now I keep panicking about the Spring Fling. I don’t seem to have made a lot and yet there are quite a few works ready. I am still waiting for […]

Fred McAuley / Katie Ma’ Collie

The other night I had the pleasure of meeting Fred McAuley, again, at the Catstrand in New Galloway. I had heard him in Radio Scotland but never before as a stand up comedian, which he has been doing for 28 years apparently. Shame on me. It was a hilarious two hours. I hardly ever laugh […]

Out of my Tree

If I stay silent they think I am a fool. If I say something they know I am a fool. Happy New Year to you all. I hope 2016 will be a good one. I certainly am glad to see the back of  2015. It was an annus horribilis. My beloved No 1 Husband died […]

Two Tone Surprise

It was a dark and stormy night. No it wasn’t. It was a beautiful warm sunny day when I went to the beach with the mutt. We played pesky splish splosh ball in the river bend and then headed back to dry land. As I was emerging out of the bushes I heard a car […]

Killer Heels

Our swallows have arrived. I hope they are wearing thermals. We have had a beautiful spring, weeks of sunshine but with cold wind blowing most days. We have also had all weathers in a day – sunshine, heavy hail (it was a hailish shower!), giant snow flakes, rain sideways. And why is it that you […]