Urpu Incognito

November 2020 And so it goes on and on…the Covid situation. We are all sick of it, longing for normality however boring it may be. It will come but after that, how long will we remember the restricted life? Will we appreciate the normality? One tries to find something good in current situation whenever possible. […]

Flinging Heck.

7.9.2020 September. How did this happen, where did six months go!? Am I in a time warp? I was really hoping the Spring Fling had been postponed for a year but it is now happening in October (5 – 12.). That means I have to get going seriously, assembling works. I can’t put off working […]


April 2020 This spring my camellia has had so many flowers it didn’t know where to push out the next bud.  You should see the azalea too! The Victoria plum tree finally got planted. I can see wee plumettes forming. The upside to this evil virus situation is that the garden looks very good. With […]

Now Wash Your Hands

March 2020 Time to panic again. I’ll be taking part in Spring Fling this year. That is, if it goes ahead. We are all trapped in the worldwide virus threat. Living in rural Dumfries and Galloway is like a lovely bubble where the ills of the rest of the world are far away, they are […]

Wasp Up With You?

Get someone else to do your dirty work.  While I was tidying the wood shed I discovered a large wasp nest on a piece of wood. Being a do-it-all-yourself and having done it before, albeit them being smaller nests, I thought this is no problem. Got the plastic bag over the nest and started cutting […]

The Hail Lot

17.6.19 Well, that was a Monday and a half! Week ago the Monday started pleasantly enough with sunshine and light breeze. A friend visited and we had lunch on the terrace, it was lovely, just warm enough. Then the breeze got up and we came in. Is that rain? Yes, let’s put the cover back […]

Attached to my Retinas

  New Year’s Eve 2018, 5.45pm Some thoughts occurring while waiting  for the time to get dressed in the finery. Skimpies really, which is why I’m putting it off in case I catch a cold while waiting for cousin Pam to pick me up at 6.45pm. One aspect still remains to be seen – will the […]

Classified Adverts

We have had a proper summer this year. I hope I’ll remember this when in November the wind is howling and the rain comes sideways. Pity we don’t have a means of storing the happiness producing warmth and light for winter. I had a holiday. No 1 daughter and family came too. We went to […]

Child Safety

Grandson (3½) is a great wee lad. He is a sponge for information and observations. He repeats new words to get them just right. I am trying to feed his imagination with sometimes abstract ideas. He is of course already very clever anyway. At home he has a room full of toys but when he […]