Spring Fling

-Look, I revived your orchid. -Thanks. I have another one in the bathroom needing TLC. -I don’t do Lazarus. I have been gardening again. In 2005 we redesigned our garden because the ceramics started taking most of my day. Next easier would have been the Blue Circle garden. In the process I lost all my […]


I have started practicing smiling. Normally I can smile ok but point a camera at me and the face goes into grimace mode and I look like Frankenstein’s mother. I’m much happier on the other side of the shutter. The reason for wanting to be photogenic is that Number One Daughter is getting married and […]


Glass is always cleaner on the other side. If you stand outside. My New Year’s resolution – made in July – is to listen more carefully what people say, remember what they look like, what their name is. The other day I got a phone call from a man stating his name and said we […]


Parcel tape is very good for getting cat hair off chairs and clothes. Blankets…carpet…curtains… The Husband was miffed about his dog’s reluctance to come for a wee treat. Well, I said. Did you just say you feel very tired after having just had your tea… Would you get up from your sofa, half asleep, shake […]


Picture: “Me and My Ma” (or “The Rambler and the Olympic Goddess”…) Don’t go swimming with your wellies on. I’m going to start a new fashion – comfy slippers for every occasion. Our feet are  amazing  pieces of engineering, and we abuse them all the time. Walking  in car-to-bar shoes at the Glasgow Art Fair didn’t […]


When a pint of milk smashes onto the floor it becomes a pond of about six pints. While I was waiting for my groceries to go through the lady at the till picked up a root ginger and said that the other day a young girl asked what it was and when told she said […]


All my visitors bring me joy. Some by coming, some by going. I like working alone. It gives me plenty valuable thinking time. Quite amazing though how you can fall out so easily, with yourself, by yourself, and without any apparent reason. The open doors event Spring Fling is totally different from the usual. How […]

Here Goes…

How do they know that gold fish has a memory span of three seconds? I’m having a lot of gold fish moments just now. My work space, The Sanctuary, has to be somehow transformed into a presentable show room for public viewing for the Spring Fling. There are a thousand things to do and by […]