Parcel tape is very good for getting cat hair off chairs and clothes. Blankets…carpet…curtains…

The Husband was miffed about his dog’s reluctance to come for a wee treat. Well, I said. Did you just say you feel very tired after having just had your tea… Would you get up from your sofa, half asleep, shake someone’s hand (give me a paw…) and eat another morsel? We have a very odd dog. Collies are supposed to be very clever and we seem to have a Mensa class dog. She’s of the Jekyll and Hyde variety too. She can be perfectly normal when taken out for walks, especially to the beach but sulks and skulks about at home. She prefers sleeping in the house to running around outside. She hasn’t eaten the cat’s food once.  She is good at finding ways out of the garden – we call her Houndini. She has selective deafness and sudden attacks of stupidity when it comes to commands like sit, wait, come here, stop… She does it when it suits her, in her own time, at her preferred distance. Most of the time you just shake your head, give up. Now, who’s training who..?

I have a Rubbish Fairy. I leave my rubbish bags at the front door and compost bag under the kitchen window and mysteriously they disappear. I must ask the Husband if he has seen the Fairy.

I had a flying visit to the Favourite City, Glasgow. The official reason was to deliver some works but any excuse will do, opening of an envelope, a hat drops… It was indulgence again. I went for a cocktail at a place called Urban and had my tea at a fish place called Gamba. It’s not a fish and chip shop. I breezed in and I was treated like royalty. Minor royalty – they didn’t kiss my hand. Lovely. And the food was sooo good. I love sea food. My starter was fish soup – the best fish soup I’ve ever had. The main course (hake) was superb too. I really wanted everything on the menu. I was so full afterwards that I felt ill. Greedy pig, I told myself. I escorted my tummy home, took off my clothes and lolled on the sofa in my dressing gown the rest of the evening, listening to music, reading, writing. Bliss. And then slept badly. Whether it was eating too much or the two glasses of wine – probably both, it wasn’t quality sleep. Serves me right I suppose. I was hot, cold, the heart was racing, tummy still full, feet wanted to go for a run…and the mind went into overdrive too. I was thinking of work, projects, health, lack of time, what’s for tea tonight at home… And why did I buy the ridiculously high heel & high expense shoes!! Will power seems to be in short supply. Just as well I haven’t got pots of money and plenty of time.