Flinging Heck.


September. How did this happen, where did six months go!? Am I in a time warp?

I was really hoping the Spring Fling had been postponed for a year but it is now happening in October (5 – 12.). That means I have to get going seriously, assembling works. I can’t put off working any more. My Agent of Fortune, Iain, says when it comes to crastination he is a pro. So am I. Yesterday and today have been a good example. I meant to work all day yesterday but ended up going to the beach with the mutt, potting the flowers I bought on Saturday, washed the car. I did saw and sand a piece of wood though. In Finland there is a saying that work done on Sunday doesn’t have blessing. Perhaps not. That base turned out to be too small for the work I had planned it for. Today I went to town and the chiropodist. I went to the butchers and bought a quantity of mince and chicken. They are now vats of curry and chili. It is now four o’clock, hardly worth starting to work, is it… I’ll just go to the studio and plan what to do tomorrow.



I didn’t go out of the gate today, again. The weather was pretty awful. And the beach is closed, there is exercise going on in the MOD range. I was going to mope about all day but managed to finish off two works, a Face Book and Fish Bowl. The Fish Bowl has been in the making at least five years. I couldn’t decide what base to put it on.

Katie the mutt seems to be ok again. She had a funny turn yesterday morning. I was having my morning tea, watching the grey world go by when I heard a scrambling scratching noise that went on longer than usual so I went to have a look what was going on. She gets claw spin on the wooden floor when she gets up. Poor mutt, she was very embarrassed, having done No1 and No2 on the floor and not being able to get up. I had a horrible sinking feeling that it was curtains for Katie but she seems to be fine again, her usual self. Poor old girl.  Old age cometh to all of us. I just hope not in the form Katie had it today.



Well dahlings, starts looking unlikely I have my studio open during the Spring/Autumn Fling. All the rules about distancing, masks, hygiene, one way system can be done in my studio but where I probably fail is that my studio isn’t physically separate from the house, to qualify for the status of gallery or museum space. I could only have four ‘households’ to visit – a day. Hardly worth clearing up the room to exhibit the works. Visits should be by appointment only. The studio is separate from the house. There is a door in between, lockable from the inside only. We are making enquiries how rigid the rules are about this separation issue. Nobody seems to be entirely clear. Nobody seems to know anything certain nowadays. How complicated and frustrating life has become! I find myself retreating more and more into my little world, not wanting to see anybody, speaking to anybody, go anywhere, which is not good for the soul and morale. Ah well, another six months and it will all be better. Aye, right. Is that the only occasion in grammar where two positives really become negative? Usually two negatives mean the opposite, as in ‘I’m not unhappy’ means ‘I’m happy’. Or it could mean I’m not unhappy but not happy either…



It’s official. I cannot open my studio.  Nobody can… I’ll try to have a wee video made to give you a virtual tour of my working space, as it is when it’s not Spring Fling time. You’ll see the mess in its glory. It looks chaotic but I know where everything is. Except my specs. I lose them often. Instead of having reading specs I take mine off, being very slightly short sighted. They have been found in most unexpected places, like in the drawer in the office. I usually start the search by patting my head. Luckily I have  several pairs of the same, in different colours – and sacre bleu! if I have to wear a pair not matching my outfit! I’m joking.