Glam from Grotty

It is possible to make a silk purse out of sow’s ear. See above… well.

I was lucky for once to win something good in a raffle.  It was a photo session with local photographer Alec Blackadder. Surely, out of the dozens of shots he took there would be one where I wouldn’t look like a bag lady looking for trouble.  I wouldn’t blame the photographer in any way, it’s the sitter that was the problem.

When I saw the photos the first time I wasn’t impressed with myself.  Somehow I expected Hollywood film star look, but then I got used to my face and finally managed to choose a couple of pictures that perhaps wouldn’t break the printer.  Gadgets and I don’t get on well.  Towards the end of the shoot both Alec’s cameras refused to work and I thought here we go again.  Luckily it was just minor adjustments and they were ok.

For some reason I have no photos displayed anywhere, not even in the toilet.  There’ll be soon daughter’s official wedding photos to show and I want to have them out so maybe my photo can lurk somewhere there too.  Make a public display of myself.