Killer Heels

Our swallows have arrived. I hope they are wearing thermals. We have had a beautiful spring, weeks of sunshine but with cold wind blowing most days. We have also had all weathers in a day – sunshine, heavy hail (it was a hailish shower!), giant snow flakes, rain sideways. And why is it that you always manage to go for a dog walk at the worst moment? Katie  the collie loves water. She is very good at ‘search and rescue’. I throw the ball into the pool in the river at the local beach and she fetches it. Only, she likes to feel the ground under her feet even though she can swim. She does a beautiful doggy paddle. So what happens is I start throwing rocks beside the ball to make the ripples bring ball closer to her. I’m getting quite accurate with my throws and haven’t hit the dog once. It is another feature of this strange dog how focused, determined she is to get the ball.  Many times I’d have got fed up and left the ball to float down the river but not our Katie. And how often I curse having a dog but the plus side is that it gets you out once a day. Otherwise my back would stick to the sofa the rest of the evening.

No 1 Grandson is a great wee boy. I always get a big grin when he sees me. He is now 9 months old and clothes for 12 to 18 months old are getting too small. He likes his food, especially fruit. The other day he came to visit and I brought a banana to the No 1 Husband. Well! You’d have thought I had taken sweetie off the child – the wailing! He thinks ALL bananas are his. No 1 Husband had to share his. It’s cute how Fraser eats the banana. He takes a bite, squeezes the rest in his fist so it comes out through the fingers. It is then so much easier to rub into trousers, shirt, furniture, carpet… Fruit puree brings instant happiness. Luckily that has to be given with a spoon. And as for any spills from the baby, fruit loving collie comes handy.

No 1 Daughter & family visited us recently to help me with a task. I had taken a delivery of 180 sheets of cardboard and at 1metre x 2.3 metres they weren’t easy to move about. As I have a dicky shoulder Daughter and No 1 Son in law carried them upstairs. They are stored in the bedroom, half of them strapped onto the rail and half behind the wardrobe. I always wanted a wardrobe in the middle of the room. At lunch the Husband reminded us of a trip with Daughter. Somewhere up north he spotted a sign for Owl Centre. It was morning so he wondered what the owls would have for breakfast. Mouse fingers…suggested Daughter. No – Mously! said the Husband. At home he ran this past me and we came up with Mouse Crispies, Micicles, Mice Crackers. Today No 1 Son in law added Hootabix to the list. That’s our boy! Well, you have to make your own entertainment if you don’t watch telly or have cinema, theatre or opera handy.

I love killer heels. For some time now I have been suffering from a sore toe (see April ’10…). Every time I wore anything else that fluffy slippers the little toe objected. Last week I accompanied No 1 Husband to the chiropodist and had my feet too looked at by a very nice Irish lad. I wouldn’t say it was quite life changing experience but damn near. I was convinced I had at least arthritis or gout but all it seemed to be was two wee corns rubbing together! The lad removed an awful lot of unwanted matter and hey presto, no pain! It is so much nicer to go posing in Glasgow in your heels when you don’t hirple. It took five years to learn that do something NOW. Who do you go and see when you have belly ache or pain in the neck..?


Spring Fling is approaching fast. It has been a funny old year for me but I am quite looking forward to meeting people again, welcoming old acquaintances and new. It will be wonderful excuse to wear something decent instead of tatty jeans and jumpers. Hopefully it is going to be a warm weekend as my new outfit has short sleeves. The skirt was full price but the shoes were a bargain, so, if you add them up and halve the cost neither is expensive. If you add the top as well and divide the cost in three the whole outfit was virtually free. Or like buying a pair of shoes full price and then second pair the same, at sale price – both a bargain. Men perhaps don’t understand this logic. We all know women come  from Venus and men from Mars. Say nothing about Uranus.

Must be down to Earth now and make boxes, to get rid of some of the cardboard. I calculated it will take me about eight years to use it up. Must start making bigger works.