Glass is always cleaner on the other side. If you stand outside.

My New Year’s resolution – made in July – is to listen more carefully what people say, remember what they look like, what their name is.

The other day I got a phone call from a man stating his name and said we met at the Glasgow Art Fair.  Yesss….. They had bought three of my works from the Glasgow gallery… A small bell ringing… I remember vaguely meeting a couple like that… He explained that he had broken five fish from a group. When he was vacuuming the hose caught the work and pulled it down. He sent pictures and it looked like a straight forward repair so we agreed to meet next time I’m going to Glasgow. But all this started a train of thoughts. That sounds like a newspaper head line – “A Cambuslang man does vacuuming – five fish broken!” or “A man fell off a pedestal – only pride was hurt” or “A woman climbed a mountain, only to reach a glass ceiling” … “A girl was told to break a leg but didn’t try hard enough”…

I did meet the couple, a very nice couple indeed, and sorted out the work. And of course, as soon as I saw them I remembered. Now, is the brain too full or empty when nothing sinks in?