Picture: “Me and My Ma” (or “The Rambler and the Olympic Goddess”…)

Don’t go swimming with your wellies on.

I’m going to start a new fashion – comfy slippers for every occasion. Our feet are  amazing  pieces of engineering, and we abuse them all the time. Walking  in car-to-bar shoes at the Glasgow Art Fair didn’t do much good for my feet, especially the little toe which objected to being so close to all the others. You could have kitten heel fluffy slippers… baffies with pom poms and diamante… gilded felt flatties – and your feet would  live happy for ever after. I’ll launch the new fashion once I’ve designed an elegant pair of comfy slippers for the ‘little black dress’. In the meantime the killer heels will have to do.

Not many people know that Skye marble is the most beautiful stone in the world.

The time when artists can be observed in their natural habitat is approaching fast. It’ll soon be Spring Fling. At the moment multi tasking is being pushed to the limits. Trying to do all the housekeeping jobs as well as the work projects in hand can be…well…trying. I’m not panicking yet. I’ve got 4 weeks. One big bisq firing…2 glazing firings. Cut and sand wood…get stone cut for bases. Make bird legs…weld copper wire. Assemble all the works. Make boxes. Somehow, tidy the work space for public viewing. Fetch Mother from the airport. That was my idea. …”To be sure, come during the Spring Fling, it’s good fun..!” Well, my mother is very fit (former Olympic (’52) swimmer, I’ll have you know!!), good at tidying, cooking and making coffee, she gives fantastic foot massages. And she thinks she’s coming for a holiday…

True friends don’t cross the road when they see you coming, no matter what your problem.

I’m very happy not having to travel anywhere at the moment, especially by air. Living here you wouldn’t know there are any troubles in the world. No doubt it’ll hit us too. Airplanes bring in a lot of out perishable goods but I think I could live without orchids, roses, sugar snap peas and even bananas for a while. I just hope, during the no-fly they are finding a better use for the fruit and veg in the country of origin than letting them to rot. As for flowers, the next step in science should be to develop dual purpose flowers. Carnation and carrot soup, protea  and pepperoni pizza anyone..?