Spring Fling 2020

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Urpu has once more been accepted in the South West's premier arts event.

Placed on the Purple Route, Urpu welcomes questions, conversation, observations, and anyone sending wine.  Although doors must remain closed please watch for upcoming video clips... Urpu will be showing visitors old and new what her studio looks like, how she works and introducing you to a few of the pieces available for Spring Fling.

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Please make contact if you are interested in one of the pieces shown below.  Some require specialist art couriers, but all can be kept for collection at a later date (subject to a deposit).

Notes about special couriers:  Many items can be sent by royal mail or standard couriers, but some items require a specialist art courier.

If you are interested in an Urpu Sellar sculpture please call 01557 500 618 and discuss the possibilities regarding delivery options or deposit to secure a piece to collect when travel is once more recommended.