Spring Fling

-Look, I revived your orchid.

-Thanks. I have another one in the bathroom needing TLC.

-I don’t do Lazarus.

I have been gardening again. In 2005 we redesigned our garden because the ceramics started taking most of my day. Next easier would have been the Blue Circle garden. In the process I lost all my veg growing ground which I miss greatly but at least it’s reasonably tidy out there with gravel and grass. I used to laugh at people with their garden in pots and grow bags… I’m trying to grow sweet peas for the forthcoming wedding and boy were they slow to start! I don’t know if it was the swearing, shouting, pleading, threats, or the evil eye that did the trick but most of them obliged and came up. They are now in neat rows in grow bags. Next is the battle against wind and rain and slugs. Polytunnels or glass houses covering most of the garden seem like a good idea – fresh lettuce and radishes in winter… Whoa! Can you imagine the size of the weeds!?

Police – You are under arrest. Remove your mask.

Man –  Can’t. It’s against my religion.

Police – What’s that?

Man – I’m a Zorroaster.



Countdown to Spring Fling has started. I emptied the shelves in the work space, carried them to Husband’s studio which has been cleared for the occasion and filled them again. I brought in the plinths and tables, did vacuuming, dusting, made windows see-through again. To give her credit for some good advice it was Mother’s idea to use the studio. I have to admit  my work space is not ideal. I’m still trying to source elastic walls.

It is quite stressful time at the moment and no matter how calm one tries to be and put things into perspective, not to let trivia worry etc etc, the chaos in the head overwhelms you sometimes and you have a minor emotional eruption. Like when in the middle of doing forty two tasks the Daughter brought me a discount voucher for sheepskin bootees for the Husband whose feet are always cold. Not now! That’s another money hole – what! £75?? We have a wedding coming, half of the downstairs is going to be decorated and we have to eat! And then the guilt. What’s £75 to help ward off cold feet… WAAAH!! And so it goes on.

Me – Did you see the programme about making a diamond from ashes of a   cremated person? Wonder what your dad would say…

No 1 Daughter – I fancy a pair of earrings…


I shouldn’t complain about the weather. In other parts of the country – and world – it’s too dry and sunny, the crops are failing and animals suffer. Here, well, it could be less windy. Somehow I become (more than normally) ratty on windy days. It messes up my molecules, I think. It is so annoying how the hair has a fight right in front of your eyes and makes you look like you haven’t washed your hair for weeks. We had some days of high winds and the only damage was a big branch broken off the pine tree, which luckily doesn’t look lopsided, and a window blown off the green house so count your blessings again  –  all the slates are still on the roof and the gate didn’t come off its hinges.

Today’s job was to arrange all the artwork into tasteful groups and label them. Also the garden needed attention. I strimmed the edges and shortened the moss & weeds – formerly known as lawn. Somehow the signs went up on the roadside, directing people to my studio. It must have been the Sign Fairy.

Here we go, another Spring Fling and I’m really looking forward to it. Meeting all the people who think it worthwhile visiting me. And I’m a bundle of nerves. Will anybody like the stuff I’ve made, does anybody want to buy it! If it’s good news, I’ll tell you and if not I’ll retrain as a hairdresser, plumber… But not a cook.


It’s ok. No need to retrain. I had a wonderful weekend. The bank holiday weekend weather was on our side too, nobody felt like going to the beach. It was all weathers in one day, rain and sunshine and plenty of blustery wind. I liked to think when people ran towards my studio they were just so eager to see what I have…