Faffer of the Year

By Urpu Sellar | March 24, 2017

Feb ’17 Here we are, another year gone. Last year I got a Faffer of the Year award. I have become an expert in procrastination. Now I keep panicking about the Spring Fling. I don’t seem to have made a lot and yet there are quite a few works ready. I am still waiting for […]

Fred McAuley / Katie Ma’ Collie

By Urpu Sellar | July 21, 2016

The other night I had the pleasure of meeting Fred McAuley, again, at the Catstrand in New Galloway. I had heard him in Radio Scotland but never before as a stand up comedian, which he has been doing for 28 years apparently. Shame on me. It was a hilarious two hours. I hardly ever laugh […]

Out of my Tree

By Urpu Sellar | January 3, 2016

If I stay silent they think I am a fool. If I say something they know I am a fool. Happy New Year to you all. I hope 2016 will be a good one. I certainly am glad to see the back of  2015. It was an annus horribilis. My beloved No 1 Husband died […]

Two Tone Surprise

By Urpu Sellar | May 17, 2015

It was a dark and stormy night. No it wasn’t. It was a beautiful warm sunny day when I went to the beach with the mutt. We played pesky splish splosh ball in the river bend and then headed back to dry land. As I was emerging out of the bushes I heard a car […]

Killer Heels

By Urpu Sellar | April 30, 2015

Our swallows have arrived. I hope they are wearing thermals. We have had a beautiful spring, weeks of sunshine but with cold wind blowing most days. We have also had all weathers in a day – sunshine, heavy hail (it was a hailish shower!), giant snow flakes, rain sideways. And why is it that you […]

Breakfast Cavalry

By Urpu Sellar | September 19, 2014

Katie, it’s you and I now… The Husband has been making breakfasts for the past five years and he’s getting very good at it. Today’s breakfast was magnificent – bacon, black pudding, tomato, fried potato, and an egg. As we sat down he pointed at my egg and said ‘You won’t believe what happened! Just […]


By Urpu Sellar | May 9, 2014

Recently we had a Trip to Bavaria. Call it a holiday…not sure. We drove a thousand miles to Regensburg and back for a gathering of Husband’s old colleagues from his Porsche days, to remember the boss Dick who had died quite unexpectedly. Annie, the widow wanted a get together, possibly for the last time. Dick, […]

Mrs Smug

By Urpu Sellar | January 14, 2014

Mrs Smug here. If someone put on your plate half a steak, a chicken breast, large baked potato, a cup of whipped cream, an onion, three cloves of garlic and a roll and told you to eat it you’d say not on your Nelly. Yet, that’s what I did on Friday night. It was a […]

Cracking Up

By Urpu Sellar | April 16, 2013

Kate’s favourite veg? Collieflower. Colliefications? None. Collities? Gentle, sweet, intelligent. Ailment? Colliecky. Etc etc I have started creaking at the seams – surely too soon for my age. Sciatica made its presence known in January. It is a considerate one though, in a way. It allows me to walk, stand, sleep, dance but not sit […]

Arthritic Sloth

By Urpu Sellar | September 22, 2012

“Move slowly and not often” is our cat’s recipe for longevity and looking young. I should be used to unusual presents by now. In the past I’ve got a wheel barrow, a strimmer, work bench… For my birthday this year I got a moisture metre for wood – very useful, to test if a piece […]