By Urpu Sellar | February 18, 2024

27.11.2023 This is a rant. Every time they install an update in the computer – whether I want it or not – it makes a mess of what I have just learned and can cope with. The jargon is baffling, you don’t know what the word means, it isn’t user friendly. You are reluctant to […]

Festive Underildulgence

By Urpu Sellar | June 5, 2023

25.12.20022 Common cold – you feel like a grotbag and look like a reject from the gargoyle factory. This has been my saddest Christmas ever. A week or two before Christmas No 1 Granddaughter got tonsilitis and chicken pox, Strep A was mentioned. She was quite poorly with it all. A week before Christmas I […]

Crinkliest Classmate

By Urpu Sellar | August 25, 2022

Monday 20.6.22 A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since I last wrote – and a lot of water has flowed over some bridges. The weather has been so diverse, uncharacteristic everywhere. Too high temperature in some places, too much rain in others. Here in the wee safe bubble of home it hasn’t […]

Electric Blanket

By Urpu Sellar | March 11, 2022

15th Jan 2022 Happy New Year all. Let’s hope this year will be better than the last. Maybe we’ll wake up and this all has been a bad dream. Two years on and the Great Lurgy is still threatening us. Working is still not happening.   I managed to have a wee break in September. […]

Food Miles and Fire Alarms

By Urpu Sellar | November 24, 2021

July 2021 The World is still standing but only just Today I have finally finished a major work. It is the first one for about two years. I’m hoping this will be the start of a spell of work. The body might have other ideas. This week it has been the back playing up. It’s […]

Urpu Incognito

By Urpu Sellar | April 18, 2021

November 2020 And so it goes on and on…the Covid situation. We are all sick of it, longing for normality however boring it may be. It will come but after that, how long will we remember the restricted life? Will we appreciate the normality? One tries to find something good in current situation whenever possible. […]

Flinging Heck.

By Urpu Sellar | October 1, 2020

7.9.2020 September. How did this happen, where did six months go!? Am I in a time warp? I was really hoping the Spring Fling had been postponed for a year but it is now happening in October (5 – 12.). That means I have to get going seriously, assembling works. I can’t put off working […]


By Urpu Sellar | May 23, 2020

April 2020 This spring my camellia has had so many flowers it didn’t know where to push out the next bud.  You should see the azalea too! The Victoria plum tree finally got planted. I can see wee plumettes forming. The upside to this evil virus situation is that the garden looks very good. With […]

Now Wash Your Hands

By Urpu Sellar | April 15, 2020

March 2020 Time to panic again. I’ll be taking part in Spring Fling this year. That is, if it goes ahead. We are all trapped in the worldwide virus threat. Living in rural Dumfries and Galloway is like a lovely bubble where the ills of the rest of the world are far away, they are […]

Wasp Up With You?

By Urpu Sellar | March 5, 2020

Get someone else to do your dirty work.  While I was tidying the wood shed I discovered a large wasp nest on a piece of wood. Being a do-it-all-yourself and having done it before, albeit them being smaller nests, I thought this is no problem. Got the plastic bag over the nest and started cutting […]