Her Mistress’ Voice

By Urpu Sellar | April 25, 2012

‘I worry about everything nowadays, I have become a worrier’, I said. ‘More like a battle axe’ I heard the Number One daughter mumble… – Your dog has beautiful coat. – Yes, but it has too much dog in it. Having acquired a trumpet sort of thing, or a French Horn actually, I was wondering […]

Goat of Many Colours

By Urpu Sellar | February 29, 2012

Some music reminds me of the misspent youth in night clubs I never had. Spring Fling time soon.  The SF team is coming up with the goods again, the right stuff, on time.  Deliveries, collections, everything is running smoothly as far as I’m concerned.  The problem is the artist, again.  Am I making the right […]

Hogmanay Humbug

By Urpu Sellar | January 1, 2012

Stupidity doesn’t grow in trees. You usually manage doing it yourself. I do like to party but it has been a struggle recently, to make the effort to go out.  I blame the weather.  Rain rain, more rain and wind.  How tempting it is to stay beside the stove oozing heat, curtains closed, soothing music […]

Glam from Grotty

By Urpu Sellar | December 4, 2011

It is possible to make a silk purse out of sow’s ear. See above… well. I was lucky for once to win something good in a raffle.  It was a photo session with local photographer Alec Blackadder. Surely, out of the dozens of shots he took there would be one where I wouldn’t look like […]


By Urpu Sellar | September 11, 2011

The Bride looked stunning and the Mother of the Bride felt like million Dollars. What will the photos show..? I have been told the wedding was a great success, everybody enjoyed it very much. It took months to plan and I have to admit the bride’s attention to detail paid off. The weather held long […]

Holidays Rock

By Urpu Sellar | August 14, 2011

For sale – sunglasses, T-shirts, shorts, sun tan lotion, a parasol. All new, unused. Will accept thermals wellies and raincoat in exchange. We have had our ‘summer’ holiday. Two nights on Skye and overnight in Glenelg. It was a lucky break, we had sunshine, excellent B&B Peinmore, and Glenelg Inn is a wee gem. The […]

Spring Fling

By Urpu Sellar | June 1, 2011

-Look, I revived your orchid. -Thanks. I have another one in the bathroom needing TLC. -I don’t do Lazarus. I have been gardening again. In 2005 we redesigned our garden because the ceramics started taking most of my day. Next easier would have been the Blue Circle garden. In the process I lost all my […]


By Urpu Sellar | March 29, 2011

I have started practicing smiling. Normally I can smile ok but point a camera at me and the face goes into grimace mode and I look like Frankenstein’s mother. I’m much happier on the other side of the shutter. The reason for wanting to be photogenic is that Number One Daughter is getting married and […]


By Urpu Sellar | August 17, 2010

Glass is always cleaner on the other side. If you stand outside. My New Year’s resolution – made in July – is to listen more carefully what people say, remember what they look like, what their name is. The other day I got a phone call from a man stating his name and said we […]


By Urpu Sellar | April 27, 2010

Parcel tape is very good for getting cat hair off chairs and clothes. Blankets…carpet…curtains… The Husband was miffed about his dog’s reluctance to come for a wee treat. Well, I said. Did you just say you feel very tired after having just had your tea… Would you get up from your sofa, half asleep, shake […]